Sticking together: How bacterial collectives (re)shape themselves with Dr. Sujit Datta

On behalf of the Duke Center for Quantitative Biodesign, we would like to thank Dr. Sujit Datta for his incredible presentation to our seminar class last week. At Princeton University, his lab conducts extremely interesting and innovative research at the nexus of quantitative biology, materials, and fluid dynamics, focusing on, specifically, the self-organization of living systems (what he calls “squishy” materials).

His work has led to novel insights into how the material properties (e.g., transport and mechanics of porous hydrogels) critically contribute to the control of cell physiology and drive their collective behavior. These insights suggest new ways of controlling cellular behavior for practical applications in bioremediation and medicine.

Left to right: Katie Duncker(Graduate student), Dr. Sujit Datta, and Zhou (Joe) Zhengquing (Graduate student)