CQB Seminar: Dr. Richard Allen

Our next guest speaker will be Dr. Richard Allen. Dr. Allen is a Research Fellow at Pfizer, where he leads QSP efforts in Anti-infectives, Inflammation and Immunology, and Internal Medicine. He has a PhD in Applied Mathematics from University College London. He joined Pfizer in 2012 following a Postdoctoral position at University of North Carolina. His research interests include novel methods for building virtual populations for QSP models.

Abstract: Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP) is the application of mathematical models of physiology and disease to simulate the existing and novel pharmacological treatments. In this talk I will briefly introduce QSP and discuss its application to Covid-19 therapies. Beyond discussing the technical approaches and challenges, I will also touch upon industry careers and some of the differences in using modeling to address questions in industry in comparison to academia.